Sunday, January 4, 2015

In the Zone

$HEMP - Hemp, Inc.

Hemp, Inc. focuses on supplying services, products, and information related to the medical marijuana industry or to those who have an affinity for the medical marijuana industry. 

The company is designing a Website to offer news, issues, entertainment, and education on medical cannabis issues; developing proprietary software for transaction processing, MIS, loyalty program, and social network management; and producing video content that deals with current events as they relate to the industry and is available in high definition over the Internet. 

Its products include nutraceutical products designed to improve concentration and joint flexibility, increase awareness and energy, and improve overall wellness, as well as to supply hemp and blue-green algae protein; and skin care products for men and women. The company was formerly known as Marijuana, Inc. and changed its name to Hemp, Inc. in June 2012. Hemp, Inc. was founded in 2008 and is based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Please keep Hemp, Inc. on your watch list for a prive move to the upside between $0.047 - $0.052 on heavier than average daily trading volume of 13.65 million. 

As of the close of the stock market on Friday January 2, 2015 Hemp, Inc. ended the week trading at $0.041 up +0.0086 or +26.46% on lighter than average upside volume of 86.72 million. The average weekly trading volume for Hemp, Inc. is 91.74 million.

This stock is not a buy recommendation please do your own due diligence or get help from a professional before trading. 

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